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  • Lawn Care & Fertilization
  • Lawn Service (Mow / Edge / Trim)
  • Sprinkler & Irrigation Systems
  • Mole & Vole Control
  • Core Aeration
  • Overseeding
  • Mulching
  • Tree & Shrub Care
  • Perimeter Pest Control
  • Exterior Home Lighting
  • Commercial Snow Removal

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Lawn Fertilization O'Fallon MO

This spring and summer, don’t let your lawn fall behind the block's standards. Stay one step ahead of the game with a professional service created and originating solely around you, the customer. If you’re located in or around the O’Fallon area, call Lawn Authority for all your lawn fertilization needs and get the number one business aiming to ensure you’re happy with both the job and the service. Our professionals have been specially selected based on their experience and familiarity with customers to ensure we won't turn into just one more company to this municipality that we’ve served for a few decades. We even buy a local-made specialty fertilizer! Because of the nature of our work, we're aware of what will work to get your lawn looking like a million bucks, so our fertilizer is custom crafted to meld with our services and what’s reliable. You could have a good looking lawn, or you could have a great looking lawn. Our full system is designed to ensure you have a great, full lawn of luscious green grass and lively ornaments. Another factor that determines the success of your grass is the timing of the steps, because you could throw down a crabgrass preventative when it’s too late to do so, or you could do it in March or April to make certain it never happens in the first place. At Lawn Authority we offer a wide selection of different programs or services you could select from, but when you want the best yard amongst your friends and family it's certain you'd want our complete package. With our all-inclusive package, our expert technicians will visit your home seven times, beginning in the spring and ending in late fall with a time-released fertilizer to ensure your plants are covered during the snowy season. It also helps them sprout back in greener than before! Another large part of lawn fertilization is actually taking precautionary steps against any pests that may come in and damage the leaves or roots to anything in your yard. With our perimeter pest control we can keep not only your yard, but your home, safe and insect free. With a simple spray around the perimeter of your house you’ll be protected from the most common of home invaders. We even have a grub preventative included in our full package to ensure you don’t have to deal with a mosquito problem this summer! One pest we haven’t yet mentioned is weeds. Those little pests can be more annoying than any bug has ever dared to dream! At times even mushrooms can start taking over, and while some may be tasty, your lawn is no place for a fungus. We offer to take care of any weed control as needed and also provide this service five of the seven times our technicians visit in the complete package. We even provide mole and vole control if you need! So remember, if you live in or around O’Fallon, MO and you’d like to take advantage of any of our offers – or even just to see about a quote - contact us today! At Lawn Authority you and your lawn are our top priority; let us prove that to you!

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